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Prayer Walking

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Invite God’s presence into your local area by walking around it, and praying at the same time.

Whether you’re prayer walking by yourself, or contending with others for your community, prayer walking is a great way to get active in prayer and is as simple as it sounds – you pray as you walk.

‘’I am giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on.”

Joshua 1:3

Go prayer walking

Start and end together

Agree on a place and time to meet to start walking and talking to God together. Begin by explaining why you’ve gathered to pray and a few pointers for those who haven’t prayed this way before; check out our Toolshed Prayer Walking Guide for practical advice on how to prayer walk. If you’re going to split into smaller groups at any point, then agree on a place and time to end together.

Decide on your route

You can decide ahead of time where you’re going to go or you can simply ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you walk.  (Just make sure you don’t get lost!)

Try going in pairs

Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs. It’s not intimidating or as conspicuous as a large group, and it is safer than people going on their own.  A larger group breaking into pairs can also help to cover more ground.

Pray positively

Even (and especially) in areas that are considered ‘dark’ or ‘desperate’, pray blessings on the area. Focus on God’s plan, purpose and destiny for the place and the people that live there.  “Your Kingdom come, your will be done…” is an excellent start.

End well

If you’ve gone in different directions, meet up at the end to share what you’ve felt, seen, prayed and heard from God. And, if you can, keep a record of what you share so you can build on it next time.

Try the W.A.L.K acronym in our Toolshed Prayer Walking guide to help you go deeper with God.

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