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Pray for your local community

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Seek God’s kingdom for where you live.

Top tips for engaging with the needs of your local community with regular and committed prayer:

Get started: Get to know your community

Go for a walk

Notice what’s around you: places of work, schools, health services, empty buildings, areas which need care and attention. Invite the Holy Spirit to highlight to you what you can invest in.

Talk to people

Ask local shop owners how they’re doing, or chat with parents at the school gate. Be intentional about knowing the people you live alongside.

Sit on a bench

…In a local park, or on a local street. Look at what’s around you and the things that you notice.

Praying for your area

Commit to regular prayer for the place you live in. Try our handy guide to praying for your community:

Prayer walking

Walking and praying around your local area is one of the easiest ways to regularly commit to pray for other people. Check out our guide to prayer walking

How to pray for your community guide

Written by the 24-7 Prayer Great Britain team, these handy guides will help you to pray for specific areas in your community.

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