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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

We have hand picked some a prayer ideas to help you get started

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Pray as a church

Mission and prayer

Min Read

Prayer is the birthplace of mission; a springboard to sharing Jesus with the world. Learn more about how to start praying missionally…

Praying for five friends

A simple video from 24-7 Prayer founder Pete Greig that’s a real encouragement to praying specifically and persistently for others to come to know Jesus:

Prayer in your community

Outdoor prayer wall

 Set up a portable whiteboard or chalkboard in a public space (make sure you have permission to do so!). Ask people walking past to write any prayer requests they might have onto the board.

Prayer walking 

Walk around your local area and pray for the people and places you see. If you feel it’s appropriate, you could offer to pray for the people you see.

Check out our guide to Prayer Walking, and PDF on how to pray in your local community

24-7 Prayer Rooms

Non-stop prayer in your church can actually be a catalyst for missional activities, or even an opportunity for others in your community to experience prayer for themselves! If you’re able, why not open your prayer room to the public?

Get started with prayer rooms…

Hope spaces

Hope Spaces are prayer rooms in public spaces.

Prayer spaces in schools

Serving your local school community by helping to establish a prayer space can be an incredible opportunity. Check out our beginner’s guide to running a prayer space in a school.

Pray in your community

We’ve got a list of top tips if you’re thinking of praying for other people in your community.

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