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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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Run a 24-7 Prayer Room

The first 24-7 Prayer Room – an empty space in a renovated warehouse – was sparked by a simple challenge: 

“What would happen if we prayed night and day for a whole month?” 

That was in 1999. And the prayer still hasn’t stopped.

Download our free guide

We created ‘How to run a 24-7 Prayer Room’ PDF guide with all you need to get started.

A 24-7 Prayer room is a creative prayer space that enables a chain of unbroken day and night prayer, bringing friends, communities and churches together to seek the presence of God.

Prayer room in Sweden

Ancient Celts used the phrase “thin places” to describe where the veil between heaven and earth becomes so thin that prayer flows easily, and the still, small voice of God is heard clearly.

Over and over, people report that in the presence of God, one hour feels like ten minutes.

You only really need three things to create a 24-7 Prayer Room: 

  1. People who want to pray night and day.
  2. Some kind of shared space to pray. 
  3. A way to organise time slots so that prayer never stops.

    When you register your 24-7 Prayer Room, you get immediate access to our online Sign Up Tool, a central place which makes organising your community really straightforward. We’ve created a free guide to running a prayer room to help you with all the details – learn more:
Prayer Room in Sweden

When you start to plan a 24-7 Prayer room, there are a few key decisions to make:

Where will you hold it? 

We recommend somewhere that’s easily accessible, safe for individuals to be there alone, and with access to toilets and drinking water. 

Will it be in-person or virtual? 

This will depend on where your community are based, and on their access needs. 

How long will you pray for? 

This completely depends on the size of your community and their hunger for prayer. Remember – build momentum! You want it to last a length of time that’s stretching but is also achievable.

When will you pray? 

Give yourselves enough time to prepare, and choose dates when your community will have time to join in and be able to carve out time to be with God. 

Once you’ve registered, you get access to our sign-up tool, and to a full ‘How to Run a 24-7 Prayer Room’ guide, as well as support from our team. 

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By registering, you’re joining thousands of communities every year, joining the unbroken chain of prayer.

There have been 24-7 Prayer Rooms in over 80 nations, which have catalysed countless expressions of community outreach, social justice, and creative evangelism – all with night and day prayer at their heart.

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