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Please pray that I get this Job offer with salary expectations. I need change in my life.

11.08.20 | | Rob

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Jesus help me the torcher and turmoil I am going through my life are never ending releive me from the pain

5 Aug 2020 |

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Lord God be in our Worship group meeting today, show us your way. Bind and banish all evil presences from our Church IJNIP

5 Aug 2020 | | Safeguarding

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Please continue to pray for Ann’s complete healing from sepsis. She is recovering, but needs surgery to correct damage 🙏

5 Aug 2020 | | R

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Thank you God for bringing us together again as a couple in Jesus name Amen

5 Aug 2020 | | R

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Please help me pray for our family to be restored, for my daughter to respond to my love. To see my grandchildren again. Tku

5 Aug 2020 | | Mum

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Father God, break the chains that bind G to his abuser. May he know who she is behind the mask. She won’t change. Rescue him IPIJN

5 Aug 2020 | | Friend

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Lord God thank you for watching over Ella, healing her mental illness, protecting her from harm n giving her hope for a future IJN

5 Aug 2020 | | Grandmother

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God, please let the neighbors learn to be courteous & not make noise in the middle of the night. I am so sleep deprived. Help!

5 Aug 2020 | | Sleepy In Ohio

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URGERNT: please pray that my son does not sell his house. The buyers not to come. His family to live together.

5 Aug 2020 |

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Good morning Jesus for a deep sleep thank you

5 Aug 2020 |

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