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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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The 24-7 Prayer Podcast

Be inspired to grow in prayer and be equipped to pray for awakening with The 24-7 Prayer Podcast, hosted by Brian Heasley and Hannah Heather.

What is The 24-7 Prayer Podcast?

The 24-7 Prayer Podcast has been created to celebrate the stories of God at work across the 24-7 Prayer movement, and to inspire you to grow in prayer and be practically equipped to pray for awakening.

Over ten episodes, the first series of The 24-7 Prayer Podcast will feature stories of how God is at work through prayer all around the world, and the impact that ordinary people are having on their communities as they pray and seek God’s kingdom.  

We’re not interviewing experts – instead, we’re exploring how ordinary lives see extraordinary things when people start talking to God.

Each episode is 30-45 minutes long and covers a different raw and honest story. From townships in South Africa to revolutions in Lebanon to new monastic orders in England – where could prayer take you?

Launches Monday 20th November, with new episodes each week. You can listen to the podcast here, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Meet your hosts

The podcast is hosted by 24-7 Prayer’s International Prayer Director Brian Heasley and 24-7 Prayer community leader Hannah Heather, one of the pastors of Emmaus Rd Church in Guildford. Together with their guests, they explore questions like:

What does a life of prayer look like in your unique context?

What’s one thing that happened in prayer that you’ll remember forever?

What does “awakening” mean in your community?

The answers will leave you inspired, equipped, and hungry for more of God.

The 24-7 Prayer Podcast hosts

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Episode 1

Lebanon: Praying through a Revolution
How do you live through a revolution and an explosion and still keep your faith?

Episode 2

England: Go where your best prayers take you
How does prayer transform a community?

Episode 3

Youth: Help!
What does this generation of youth have to teach us? And how can we support them?

Episode 4

Peru: Could Revival Spread from the Centre of the Incan Empire?
What’s it like to uproot your whole life for God? 

Episode 5

Worldwide: Be True to Christ, Be Kind, Go!
What role could a new monastic order play in the church today? 

Episode 6

South Africa: Church of Caged Lions
Is the church in the West asleep?

Episode 7

Ireland: When All We Have Is Silence
How do we pray when all we have is silence? 

Episode 8

Austria: A Catholic Perspective on Prayer
What does the Catholic tradition have to teach about prayer? 

Episode 9

Iran: Finding Joy in Prison and Persecution
Can joy and pain co-exist?

Episode 10

USA: The Discipleship of Justice
How can the church respond to injustice and discrimination?

Season one has 10 episodes.