Challenging Child Marriage

In Mexico more than 5% of girls are married before the age of 15 -and nearly 1 in 4 girls are married, or in a union, before the age of 18. This figure is even higher in rural parts of the country. 

Sadly, the data represents part of a wider trend across Latin America, the only region in the world where child marriage is increasing rather than in decline. 

Poverty is often one of the main drivers for child marriage. Child brides are more at risk of violence and exploitation. They are less likely to remain in school, more likely to experience domestic violence, and have a higher risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pick a Fight for justice with Compassion, and change the future for girls in Latin America. 


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Lord, we pray for every girl who is at risk of early marriage or already in a union, across Latin America and beyond. We pray for her protection both physically and emotionally. Lord, show us how we can take action so no girl is ever robbed of her education, well-being or childhood by early marriage.
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Sponsor a Girl with Compassion: When you sponsor a girl with Compassion, you partner with their local church to ensure that they will get every opportunity to study, receive the emotional support they need, learn about Jesus and reach their God-given potential. As well as this, they will receive nutritious and regular health checks and be provided with a safe-haven where they are known, loved and protected. 

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