Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Three men dragged Elizabeth to an empty field near her house in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As they towered over her, the men spewed insults and cut off her fingertips with a machete.

Elizabeth’s neighbors heard her screams and rushed to her rescue. The men fled, and—by God's grace—she survived.

Elizabeth moved to Uganda and began the slow, painful process of healing. She bore many scars—not only physical, but also mental and emotional.

Through a series of Trauma Healing sessions led by a trained facilitator, Elizabeth took her sorrow and pain to the cross and found hope in Scripture. "Joy has been filling my heart," she says. "Now I am happy."

By leveraging mental health best practices and the power of God’s Word, American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing program equips local leaders, churches, and NGOs around the world to mentor survivors of trauma.

Today, nearly 1.3 million people have encountered God’s Word through their Trauma Healing program.


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Lord, by your stripes we are healed. Today, we pray that your healing Word would ignite hope and restoration to those wounded by unspeakable trauma. Through American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing ministry, bring good news to the poor, freedom for prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed.
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American Bible Society works to make the Bible available and alive so that all people may experience the life-changing message of God's Word.


  • Supporting Bible translation and distribution for people who are still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language.
  • Inviting Americans whose Bibles sit on dusty shelves to engage with the Bible through digital initiatives and community events.
  • Leveraging mental health best practices and the power of God’s Word to guide survivors of trauma to lasting hope and healing.

Miss Elizabeth shares how she found healing from trauma through the transformative power of God’s Word.

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