One Million Voices of Hope

The ongoing crisis in the Middle East has affected thousands. Yet despite intense persecution, courageous Christians have chosen to stay in their homelands to shine the light of Christ. And they need your voice.

Open Doors recently asked church leaders and Christians from Syria and Iraq what would give them hope. They highlighted three things: 

  1. The right to equal citizenship 
  2. Dignified living conditions 
  3. A prominent role in reconciling and rebuilding society

Open Doors have started a global petition, One Million Voices of Hope, to call on the UN to take action to protect those in Iraq and Syria. So far, over 280,000 people from 116 countries have signed it.

Noeh was just nine when he and his family had to flee Islamic State militants. Now 12, his home has finally been liberated. “This is my bedroom, this is where I slept,” says Noeh, pointing towards his burned out room and melted bedframe. “These were my toys, all of them are now burned. Now I have nothing.”

Believers like Noeh need hope to stay and shine Christ’s light in the Middle East. It’s vital that their call reaches the ears of world leaders. This is only possible with your support.


Lord, we lift up all Christians in the Middle East who are afraid that there is no hope for them there. May their rights be protected, their futures be restored and their hopes be rekindled.
Amen 563 Amens

Make some noise

1. Sign the Million Voices of Hope Petition to make a difference to the lives of Christians living in the Middle East. 

2. Share the following text on your social media feed and encourage others to join in with the campaign: 

"Join over 280,000 people. Call for a hope & future for Christians & others in the Mid East. Sign the petition today!"  

Get more involved

Order a Rebuild Hope packand put on an All-Age Service to help your church and community to discover what life is like for Christians in the Middle East.

Order a Pray for ME pack, and put on a prayer vigil or some other kind of prayer event with your community. 


Photo credits: Open Doors International

 Visit the website

Open Doors began 60 years ago, and supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy - and in a whole host of other ways - so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. 

Find out more on the Open Doors Website

Click to watch the Rebuilding Hope video that shows the hope of Christians living in the Middle East. 

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