Hurricane Matthew: We Survive

On 4 October, Hurricane Matthew struck the nation of Haiti. More than a month later, they're still battling the widespread destruction.   

“Noula!”  - if you had been walking the streets of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, you might have heard this common phrase spoken among survivors. It means, “We are here. We survive.”

The Haitian people are marked by resilience. 

Haiti is no stranger to natural disasters. Hurricane Matthew hit 6 years the 2010 earthquake which took the lives of over 200,000 people. Poor infrastructure and living conditions make Haiti even more vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.  As well as the initial impact of the storm, there have been outbreaks of cholera due to flooding, and leaders have warned that a major food crisis is imminent. 


Loving Father, we pray for all Haitians who are still experiencing the disastrous consequences of Hurricane Matthew. Draw close to those who have lost homes, livestock, crops or family members. Help us pray beyond the lifespan of the news headlines. Use your people to remind Haitians that they are not forgotten. Amen.
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Heart-breaking drone footage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. 

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