Hope for the Middle East

Syria and Iraq are in crisis. War and Islamic extremism have caused millions to flee, while millions of others are displaced within the region, struggling to survive, often too poor or unwell to leave.

Christians are being targeted by Islamic extremists, who are determined to eradicate the church from the Middle East. And yet, many Christians are choosing to stay and serve their communities. They believe they have a vital role to play in rebuilding their nations.

Open Doors is working with partners who are providing tens of thousands of families with vital aid and long-term support. But no one knows when the crisis will end.

The global church cannot stand by and let the church in the Middle East be destroyed or forgotten.


Lord, we pray for Christians across the Middle East to know your presence and strength in the midst of difficulty. Thank you that you are a God of power and of peace - bring transformation to these nations.
Amen 274 Amens

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Based in the United Kingdom?  Invite your MP to the parliamentary launch of the Hope for the Middle East report – invite your MP. 

International?  Sign the global petition,  One Million Voices of Hope, HERE.

Resources: Order a Pray for ME pack, and put on a prayer vigil or some other kind of prayer event with your community. 

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This video provides an introduction to the Hope for the Middle East campaign. 

Open Doors began 60 years ago, and supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy - and in a whole host of other ways - so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. 

Find out more: opendoorsuk.org/about/

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