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The stories we hear and the stories we choose to tell are important. They shape our thoughts, form our opinions and influence our beliefs and values.

Today, more than 65 million people are displaced globally, forced from their homes by violence, fear, desperation and poverty. We believe each and every one of these people has been made in God’s image and is deserving of safety, freedom and hope.

Sadly the headlines in our media often say something different. They use language like ‘criminal’ and ‘swarms’ that makes us feel that refugees are less human than us. This story gets repeated loudly and without question, it makes us afraid of each other.

But we know it’s not the whole story... 

God commands us to welcome the stranger and love one another as brothers and sisters. So we want to do just that. We’re going to challenge the media and ask them to stop dehumanising refugees, ask them to tell a different story - a story that celebrates our common humanity, that shows compassion on our neighbours who are fleeing war.

Help change the story that’s being told about refugees.



Lord, who changed the story from stranger to sibling, help us change the story from frustration to freedom for those stuck in refugee camps. From trafficking to safe passage for those on dangerous journeys. From crisis to opportunity for countries providing a home. From foreigner to family, as we were welcomed by you. May we never miss meeting your gaze in the eyes of our sibling, the stranger. Amen.
Amen 544 Amens

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The Christian Aid Collective is a proud part of charity Christian Aid.

Christian Aid works in over 50 countries around the world taking action against the injustice in it and challenging the systems that keep people poor. From lobbying governments and the people in power to working with communities to protect themselves from climate change, violence and a lack of essential services.

And the Collective? We’re the young bit of Christian Aid. A movement for change made up of students and young people. We are creative activists and storytellers, sharing the tales of our community and the work of Christian Aid so we can make the world a whole lot better to be in.


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