Set them Free

Rev Hassan and Rev Kuwa are pastors of their local church and senior leaders of the Sudan Church of Christ.

Their ordeal began with an act of kindness.  Reverend Hassan helped his friend, Abdulmonem Abdumawla,  to raise money to treat a young man suffering from severe burns. 

Unluckily for them, the young man sustained his injuries in a student demonstration. As ludicrous as it sounds, helping someone who took part in a protest is enough for them to be targeted by the Sudanese regime.

Now Rev Hassan and Mr Abdumawla are in prison, along with Reverend Kuwa, whose only ‘crime’ is being Rev Hassan’s friend and a prominent Christian.   

They face at least seven charges, including two that carry the death penalty. They’ve done nothing wrong.

Please urgently call on the Sudanese authorities to release them.


Lord, we pray for Rev Hassan, Rev Kuwa and Mr Abdumawla. Give them strength and comfort as they face this terrible situation. Soften the hearts of the Sudanese authorities and open their eyes to the innocence of these men. May all three be set free today. Amen.
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Take action: Urgently call for the release of Rev Hassan, Rev Kuwa and Mr Abdumawla. Email the Sudanese embassy today to #SetThemFree


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