Protection from El Niño

“Please God, keep us safe against El Niño,” 13 year old Jennifer prayed earlier this year as she looked up at the dark, brooding sky above her house.

“During the rainy season we used to cover the roof with plastic, but this time I knew we would need more than plastic.

Last autumn the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in more than half the country’s regions due to the effects of El Niño (click here for more information on El Niño).

 Ordinarily the rainy season is between August and October and the rains are light. However this year, heavy rains started in January and continued until up until March, adversely affecting 80,000 people and damaging around 13,000 homes.

The combination of poverty, poor infrastructure, dramatic weather and flooding, has left many people afraid about their livelihoods and futures. One of the most severely affected cities in the northern coast of Peru was Trujillo, known as the city of the Eternal Spring, where 12 Compassion projects work.




Loving Father, we pray for all those are experiencing the devastating effects of the El Niño in Peru. Comfort those who have lost so much and use your church to provide help and long-term support for families, and vulnerable and dependent children. Amen.
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