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There’s a river in Bangladesh that is feared. At different points in the year the Brahmaputra river has always risen,  but over the last few years it’s been rising more frequently and aggressively than ever. 

The river runs right beside Morsheda’s home. She lives on a ‘char' -  an island far from infrastructure and isolated from others. The mighty Brahmaputra river once rose so high that it flooded her and her children out of their home.

It was that day that she had to put her baby in a cooking bowl to float her down river and to safety.

Changing weather isn’t just a theory for Morsheda. She’s living it. She’s in fear of the rising river- every time it does she has to go back to square one when she already has very little.

Christian Aid are working seriously hard to make sure that people like Morsheda become stronger and more resilient in the face of changing weather. You can be part of it.


God, give hope and strength to those who are facing challenges because of changing weather. Help us to change the story of climate change with our actions. Thank you that you call us to a better story. Help us to persevere with it.
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We are bound together by our stories, so when poverty and challenges like a rising river impact anyone, anywhere, it’s a threat to everyone everywhere.

We want to make change where we can- starting with our churches. If every church in the UK switched their energy provider to one that relied on green energy (and not fossil fuels) our reduction in bad emissions would be huge. Then our chances at slowing down climate change would be too.

Find out about how to make the switch: www.bigchurchswitch.org.uk


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The mighty river is rising in Bangladesh. We’re raising people above its waters.

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