Stopping Violence for Good

As well as ensuring initial rescue, International Justice Mission (IJM) fights to make sure that criminals are brought to justice, so that they cannot continue to harm their victims.

Victims like Griselda, from Guatemala, who was kidnapped by three men on her way home from church and sexually assaulted at gunpoint. Criminals know that the poor often have little access to the justice system (because they cannot afford legal support) and so attack without fear of being caught.

IJM’s team provided free legal support to Griselda’s family and IJM investigators and lawyers worked with police to arrest and eventually convict all three men.

Griselda’s case is an exception in Guatemala, where most victims of sexual assault do not receive justice.

Of the 36,425 cases of sexual violence opened in 2008-2014, only 6.3% were ever sentenced during that time. Griselda’s case is now an example, a glimpse of hope in a broken system that criminals can be brought to justice.


We pray for strength and determination for IJM’s legal teams, and the authorities they work with - sustain them when the road to conviction is long and difficult. We pray for wisdom and integrity for those with the power to convict. Please bring your healing and peace upon survivors like Griselda – that they would know your love, value, and boldness to testify against their perpetrators in court.
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International Justice Mission is a global organisation that protects the poor from violence, such as slavery, trafficking and child abuse, throughout the developing world.  IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. 

Inspired by God’s call to love all people and to seek justice, IJM’s team of Christian lawyers, social workers, investigators and other professionals protect the poor from violence without regard to race, religion or any other factor. For more information go to


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