Healing Victims of War

Sarah's Story: 

Sarah had been abducted along with her mother-in-law and 13 others from her village, and had been selected to be a wife for the rebel group’s captain. Deep in the Sudanese bush the others were ordered to cut down thick branches with machetes. Then, using the branches that they’d prepared, they were clubbed to death in a mass execution. The LRA captain rejected Sarah when he discovered that she was already pregnant.

Strangely, she was sent back to her village where she ran to her family and raised the alarm. Her father-in-law led a group who found the bodies, including that of his wife along with the club that was used to kill her. Now Sarah lives with the son who saved her life from the womb and the father-in-law who has forgiven the LRA and found peace.

Slowly, with the help of Flame International’s teaching, Sarah is recovering through forgiveness, prayer ministry and the love of her community.



Father God, as people seek to recover from the traumatic years of brutal LRA raids, abductions and executions, please fill them with your Holy Spirit, to heal, to forgive, to find joy in their worship and to find you in their prayers. Amen.
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The Flame International Vision: to see people set free from the trauma of war, terror or oppression – releasing God’s healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. We work mainly within Africa at the request of, and in partnership with, the national and local church and we are now being invited to extend the work in Africa and expand into Europe and Asia.

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