Protect Children from Exploitation

The It’s a Penalty campaign harnesses the power of sport to protect children from exploitation and abuse around the world, and at major global sporting events.

Throughout the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, It’s a Penalty reached over 300 million people globally. There were 11,252 calls to the Brazilian national crisis line reporting child exploitation.

For the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games, they’re striving to do the same. 

It’s a Penalty Informs, Equips, Educates, Spreads Awareness and Communicates about how to make a difference in the global community to protect these children. 

Together we can put an end to it.


God, we praise you for the ongoing work of the It's a Penalty Campaign. Work powerfully through them as they fight child exploitation and abuse all over the world, and use this campaign at the Rio Olympics to make a difference to the lives of many.
Amen 310 Amens

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Main goals of It’s a Penalty 2016: 

1. To build upon the proven success of It’s a Penalty campaign at the World Cup in Brazil 2014, ensuring that the key messages are heard globally around the Olympics & Paralympics in Rio 2016, as well as at other forthcoming Major Global Sporting Events. 

• Inform people of the issue of child commercial exploitation

• Educate people about the penalties for offenders 

• Encourage people to 'say something if they see something.'

• Equip the general public, sporting fans, tourists and residents of Brazil (the hosting nation) with the necessary tools to report a crime if needed.

• Spread Awareness to people travelling to Brazil by showing the IT'S A PENALTY awareness campaign video on international airlines and hotels during the games.

• Communicate the campaign to the relevant Olympic Committees, The Football Association, Governments and to all sporting fans and work alongside them to make a difference.

2. To advocate for the global enactment and implementation of the Extra-Territorial legislation – provisions in law for countries to prosecute their citizens for the abuse of children abroad. 

Currently only 43 countries worldwide have such provisions in law to protect their children (e.g. In the UK Section 72 of the sexual Offence act 2003. In the USA, The 2003 protect Act)

It's a Penalty believes all countries in the world should have similar legislation enacted and implemented.

Watch and share the It's a Penalty campaign video. 

It’s a Penalty harnesses the power of sport to protect children from exploitation and abuse around the world and at major global sporting events.

The It's a Penalty campaign is being run by the Happy Child International Foundation. 


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