Ending Youth Unemployment

In a country deeply affected by extreme poverty, the hope for a different futurerests on the shoulders of the youth of South Africa.

But more than half of South Africa’s youth are unemployed.

Little education, no job experience, and a lack of basic skills are just a few of the challenges young people face. These challenges leave young South Africans disillusioned, with little hope for their future.

But basic skills training can change that.

With the opportunity to learn a new skill, access computers and the internet, andreceive hands-on work experience, young people can generate an income and rise above poverty.


Lord, thank you that you are our hope and our provider. In tough times, we can turn to you, the anchor of our souls. We pray that you will bring hope and provision for every young person trapped in unemployment in South Africa.
Amen 757 Amens

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Donate: Help us end youth unemployment in South Africa by supporting the Sozo Youth Café. Launching in 2016, the Sozo Youth Café will provide a safe, creative and vibrant space for unemployed young people to be equipped, trained, mentored,so they can secure a job and break the cycle of poverty. 

Pray: Partner with us in prayer as we launch the Sozo Youth Café and tackle youth unemployment head on.

 Visit the website

Find out more about the Sozo Foundation and their work in the one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The Sozo Foundation is a non-profit organisation, based in the impoverished community of Vrygrond in Cape Town, South Africa. With a vision to see the community of Vrygrond living with dignity, purpose and hope, Sozo creates opportunities for holistic development through four key areas: Education, Skills, Youth and Wellbeing.

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