Saving Our Earth

Our planet is getting hotter, and that’s not good news. Scientists are almost certain that human activity is causing climate change; and it’s already having an effect on communities across the world. 
Some of the world’s poorest people are farmers, struggling to make ends meet. But because of changing weather patterns, they’re producing even less crops than before. Their lives are getting harder, and the problem’s going to get worse. 

On 30 November, leaders from all over the world will be gathering for the 2015 Climate Conference in Paris. It’s a chance for action; an opportunity to stop global warming in its tracks and ensure that future generations can freely enjoy the world God so beautifully created.


God, we pray for leaders meeting to discuss the future of our planet. Give them wisdom and unity as they make decisions together. Work in the lives of those who are already suffering because of climate change and provide for their needs.
Amen 486 Amens

Make some noise

Help to protect the planet by raising awareness on social media

Get more involved

Follow the progress of the Climate Conference online (30th November - 11th December). Thousands of people are travelling to Paris to petition for a climate agreement. 

Join a climate march in your area ahead of the Conference


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