Hope for Refugees

Thousands of refugees are having to leave their homes in the greatest refugee crisis since the second world war. People are travelling in their thousands towards Europe with little more than essential items that will fit into a small bag; their lives reduced to a few belongings. 

There are over 4 million refugees from Syria alone, and for them, the situation is far from improving. It’s a dangerous and broken country and conflict is ongoing. But if they manage to leave, the journey to Europe is equally perilous, with many barriers and obstacles along the road to safety. 

There still isn’t an answer to this huge crisis. Across Europe, difficult decisions need to be made and a response needs to be given so that vulnerable refugees who are in need of help can be given somewhere safe to sleep. 

These stories have stopped hitting the headlines, but the problem is ongoing, and needs to be sorted. And quickly. 


Lord, you care for each individual in this world, and know their needs. We pray for a rapid solution to a refugee crisis that’s affecting so many. Bring protection and safety to refugees seeking shelter and fleeing from war-torn areas, and help us as nations across the world to show your love in our response
Amen 779 Amens

Make some noise

Help raise awareness for this cause by sharing the Hope For Refugees campaign on social media and raising awareness

Get more involved

Take action by signing a petition (a lot of charities and organisations are running them)

Make a donation to the refugee crisis appeal (again, there are a load around - search them online to see who you want to take action with)

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