Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Pray for survivors of trauma to find healing through Bible-based counselling and the power of God’s Word.

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One Million Voices of Hope

Use your voice to support Christians suffering from persecution in the Middle East 

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The Road to Restoration

Young boys are being freed from slavery on fishing boats in Ghana. But the rescue is just the beginning…

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Welcome the Stranger

We, the Church, have a history of welcoming the stranger and we can't stop now. 

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Stand with Nigeria

Protect Christians and other religious minorities in central Nigeria from attack

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The cybersex trafficking of children is fuelled by the behaviour of Westerners online. Victims don’t get to say no -  but you do.

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Empowering 10 Year Old Girls

There are over 60 million 10-year-old girls around the world. 35 million are living in countries with high levels of gender inequality.

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Set them Free: UPDATE

Call for the immediate release of two pastors unjustly imprisoned in Sudan

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Fight Cybersex Trafficking

Cybersex trafficking is a new, horrific form of slavery. Thousands of children are being sexually abused and watched all over the world.

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