Boiler Room Network

The Boiler Room Network is the name we give to the growing, worldwide family of 24-7 Communities, some of which are listed here, though others are not. There are Boiler Rooms in Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lebanon, Macedonia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, USA and elsewhere.

Different Boiler Rooms have varying emphases according to the grace that God has given them. Some are more missional with a defined non-denominational ecclesiology. Others are more monastic: ecumenical, houses of prayer.

What Unifies Us?

Ultimately we are unified by the person of Jesus, His love and work on our behalf and the particular calling he has given us as 24-7 Prayer – unique but never superior to others in the Father’s Family. We are also joined by shared values and practices.

Valuing Diversity

As you can see from the profiles, each 24-7 community is different and distinct.  We may come from different traditions and influences, but we are united in the three loves and in our shared values.  How we express community varies according to context, and we celebrate our differences. Some Boiler Rooms use the name and others have chosen other names for their community.