Ibiza 2018

Dates: Summer 2018- Various
Cost: £600 (plus flights and insurance )
Min Age: 18
Apply by: 15 Mar 2018


Tourists travel to the party destination of San Antonio, Ibiza, because of its high concentration of strip clubs and bars.

You could be part of a team aiming to show the love of God to the people holidaying there through night and day rhythms of prayer and mission. 

You can join a short term team next summer serving in Ibiza for two weeks. Note that the countries beside the teams indicate where teams will be formed from. 


2018 Short Term Teams: 

Team 1- 27th May- 8th June- worldwide

Team 2- 10th June - 22nd June- UK

Team 3- 24th June - 6th July Northern Ireland 

Team 4- 15th July- 27th July  Northern Ireland

Team 5- 5th August - 17th August- Holland  

Team 6- 19th August- 31st August- Worldwide

Team 7- 2nd September- 14th September- UK


2018 Long Term Team: 

You can also serve as part of our long term team for between 2-6 months to live and serve in San Antonio. Check out the Ibiza website for more details. 


2018 Prayer Team:

An opportunity to invest prayer into Ibiza before the summer season begins.

Prayer team - 12 - 16 April - £225 (plus flights and insurance). 


For more information on all 2018 Ibiza teams, check out the 24-7 Ibiza website.


The 24-7 Ibiza application form can be found on the 24-7 Ibiza website

If you have any questions or queries, please use the "register your interest" form, below or email the Ibiza team (details on their website). 


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All 24-7 Prayer mission teams have a 3-fold focus:

PRAY – mission teams contain a strong element of focused prayer, which all team members will participate in. This is often 24-7.

PLAY – mission teams will celebrate the culture that they’re in, together, and what God is already doing within it. This could take the form of communal meals, activities or experiences.

OBEY – mission teams contain an element of sacrificial mission and outreach, serving local people in that place.

Our Mission Teams are an incredible opportunity to serve in a local 24-7 Prayer community, and we're so excited to see what God will do through your trip!