Mission and Justice

At the core of 24-7 Prayer is the belief that as we encounter God in prayer, we receive His heart and passion for the world and we are compelled to step out in mission and justice.

As we encounter God in prayer the life that we live becomes mission to those around us, as salt & light.

So, it is easy to see how the compassionate, merciful, righteous justice that God imparts to us in 24-7 Prayer Rooms will colour and shape our lives and the communities where we live, spilling out into local practical action and further still into worldwide prayer networks.

There's a lot wrong with the world, but we believe in hope. We are optimistic that the body of Christ truly engaged in prayer will allow themselves to become the answer to their prayers and move beyond the prayer room to engagement with a multiplicity of issues.

"Faced with the all the injustice in the world you can either become paralysed...

...or you can pick a fight!"

bob goff (love does)

Our heart is that, as you look through this section of our site, you will be stirred to “Pick a fight” and get involved in mission and justice. Whether that begins with you raising awareness, going on a short term mission team or simply praying through some of the areas and causes we have highlighted on these pages, it’s the beginning of a body rising from it’s knees to interact with Godly passion against all that is wrong with this world.

More than this, our heart is that some of the things we have raised here will push you into a life of engagement and, in the words of the Apostle Paul, that you would ‘fight the good fight’; in order that the church is revived, the lost are reached and the culture is rewired. All this, by people who took the encounter they have with the Father and allowed it to shape their lives into a rhythm of prayer, mission and justice. 

In this section:

MISSION TEAMS: Join a 24-7 Prayer mission team and help bring the good news of gospel to places all over the world. 

PICK A FIGHT: Each month you can find out about a different justice initiative from around the world. This section will allow you to find more information, give you key points about what is going on, and enable you to "pick a fight" and start praying and taking action.

THE PERSECUTED CHURCH: In partnership with Open Doors, we will be profiling a different nation from the 'Top 50 list' of hardest places to be a Christian. Each month we will give you different ways to pray and get involved in standing with our brothers and sisters around the world.

PRAYER IN PRISONS: What if prisons could become houses of prayer? Justice Director, Brian Heasley, has developed a course to help prisoners to pray on their first night in prison.