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What is prayer?

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What’s shaping you?

What’s shaping you?

This Lent, take up a daily rhythm of prayer with the Inner Room app and be shaped by God.

What do your days revolve around? What fascinates you? Inspires you? Where do you get your information? Where do you turn for comfort? 

What’s shaping you? 

Person using the inner room app

Pray every day of Lent with Inner Room

A million things are competing for our time and attention. We live in a world that is actively trying to shape us – our thoughts and opinions, our desires, and our choices. We’re all being formed by something. For many of us, our phones are a huge part of how day-to-day life is shaping us. This Lent, they become the key to forming a new habit of faithful prayer. 

The Inner Room app has a Daily Prayer Rhythm designed to help you shape your life around God. We’re inviting you to download the app and join us in reconnecting with an ancient, daily rhythm of prayer. Three times a day. For forty days.  

This Lent, will you choose to be shaped by God? 

Person using the inner room app

The Inner Room App

The Inner Room app turns your mobile phone into a prayer room. 

The app has morning, afternoon, and evening prayers designed to bring you back into the presence of God for a few minutes throughout your day. They’re not long or complicated – but they are consistent.

Set up notifications to remind you to pray at strategic points throughout your day, and begin building a muscle of prayer. 

Sign up for encouragement in the journey 

If you’re joining us this Lent, you don’t have to do it alone. Lent starts on the 22nd of February, 2023. Sign up to receive one email a week from the beginning of Lent up to Easter. 

These emails are packed with encouragement, wisdom, and tips on using the app. 

Use the promo pack

Share this challenge with your community and your church. This promo pack includes graphics to share on slides and on social media.

How to Access Daily Prayer Rhythms

Person using the inner room app

Download the Inner Room app