Joining the Boiler Room Network


There are 4 Steps to joining: 

1. INTRODUCE: Register your interest through an existing 24-7 relationship or just email us at

2. CONNECT: A representative of the Boiler Room Team will talk and pray with you in order to discern whether it is right for you and for us to begin this process.

3. EXPLORE: Commit to four conversations that will occur over a minimum 12 month period exploring our priorities, practices, doctrine and responsibilities.

True To Christ (Authentic)

Kind to others (Relational)

Loyal to the gospel (Missional)

Shared responsibility (Accountability and commitment)

4. WELCOME: On completing the conversations your community will be welcomed into the Boiler Room family at the annual / regional 24-7 gathering.

Why Join? 

Communities ask to join for various reasons:

1. Some are newly planted communities looking for a wider context of belonging where they can find advice, support and be held accountable.

2. Some are non-denominational churches which find themselves resonating deeply with the 24-7 vision and values.

3. Some are monastic communities and houses of prayer looking to network with others.

What does a Boiler Room Community look like? 

Each boiler room community is different, and few use the name 'Boiler Room' publicly. Some are Churches, others are Houses of Prayer.

Some are more than 1000 people, and others are just a handful, and they’re all over the world. 

So what holds it all together?

The Boiler Room Network is a relational connection. We share values. We are friends. All Boiler Rooms prioritise Christ-centred, mission-minded prayer, and they seek to outwork their prayers by making a measurable difference amongst the poor and the lost.