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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

We have hand picked some a prayer ideas to help you get started

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Prayer Room Checklists
Prayer rooms

Prayer Room Checklists

These at-a-glance checklists are here to help you as you prepare your prayer room.

We’ve broken down prayer room prep into these helpful lists: things to do before you run your prayer room, during your prayer room, and after it wraps up. You don’t have to do any of these things, but we’ve found that they are all helpful to create the best possible experience for your community.

As you start to plan your prayer room, you might want to divide up these actions between a few people according to their interests and gifts. 

These checklists (along with much more!) are available in our free PDF guide ‘How to Run a 24-7 Prayer Room‘, which you can get here.


Getting Practical 
  • Gather the people who will help you make your prayer room become a reality 
  • Decide on a length of time that is achievable but stretching for your community to pray non-stop 
  • Decide on start and end dates for your prayer room  
  • Find a suitable venue  
  • Register your 24-7 Prayer Room ( and access our online sign-up tool 
  • Decide on a budget for your prayer room 
  • Create and decorate your prayer room 
Casting Vision in Your Community 
  • Pray for people to be inspired to join in 
  • Mobilise existing prayer warriors and leaders  
  • Communicate the vision with stories of answered prayer and teaching on prayer 
  • Encourage people to read Red Moon Rising, Dirty Glory, or How to Pray by Pete Greig to stir a passion for prayer 
  • Inform local churches, communities, and individuals you’d like to get involved 
  • Promote how to sign up and get as many hour slots as possible filled in advance  


  • Mark the start of your time of prayer with a gathering – this could involve sung worship, sharing food, or praying for the space
  • Continue to share the sign-up link during and after the launch event
Keeping it Running
  • Keep the room tidy and inviting for visitors
  • Replenish refreshments
  • Maintain daily contact with the ‘on call’ team
  • Arrange for appropriate people to respond pastorally to issues that may arise
Record the Story
  • Gather and share stories and testimonies 
  • Take photos of your prayer room 
  • Keep a record of what God is doing 


  • Finish together: share stories and celebrate what God has done 
  • Consider what God said and did, as well as how you will respond 
  • Weigh the words you’ve received 
  • Monitor how your prayer and community life will change as a result 
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