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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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What to Do After You’ve Prayed 24-7
Prayer rooms

What to Do After You’ve Prayed 24-7

So, you’ve prayed night and day... what next?

We hope you’ve celebrated what God has done and taken feedback from your community about their experience in the prayer room. But now you’ve run a prayer room, how can you keep up the momentum? How can you continue to respond to God? 

Here are some ideas: 

Plan your next Prayer Room 

It’s never too early to start planning. Spend some time with God, asking Him for vision for your next time of prolonged prayer. How is it similar or different from the prayer room you’ve just run? 

Could you get more people involved? Could you partner with another church to host a joined prayer room? Will your next prayer room have a specific emphasis, maybe around a significant event or date in the church calendar? 

Turn rooms into rhythms 

How can you take the passion for prayer that’s been fired up your community and use it to fuel a sustained hunger for God?

First – take time to listen to what God’s been awakening in people. Over and over again, we see that prayer leads people into action – to display God’s love to a hurting world. Is there anyone who feels like God has asked them to take action in your community? Be open to new expressions of prayer, mission, and justice in your church life. 

Second – think about incorporating new rhythms of prayer into the weekly, monthly, and yearly life of your church. You may not be able to sustain 24-7 prayer year-round, but how can you cultivate time in the Presence of God into your community life? 

Go deeper together

We’ve created dozens of resources to help your community go deeper in prayer together. After running a 24-7 Prayer Room, we’d suggest that you look through our free small group courses to find one that will help you grow in the area of prayer you’re interested in: 

The Prayer Course

The Prayer Course is an eight-session video course with Pete Greig. Based on Pete’s book How to Pray, it’s designed to help you and your community explore prayer – from adoration to spiritual warfare – by journeying through the Lord’s Prayer.

Learn more

Be Still Series

Be Still Series is a five-session video course exploring the transforming power of daily time with God. It’s based on Brian Heasley’s book Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times, and it’s been created to equip you and your community to learn how to develop a regular rhythm and deeper daily relationship with God.

Learn more

Find more resource to help you go deeper in prayer here.

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