24-7 Lebanon: Hurting, hoping, and the healing power of Jesus

Christelle Hayek

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2 November 2021

There is no resurrection without death, no birth without pain, and no testimony without a trial.

In Lebanon, the past few years have been heavy with rain, the smell of death and many, many trials. We are keeping our eyes on Jesus as we are praying through the pain, hoping to one day tell the story of how God made a way through the mess, and met our people in the midst of their suffering.

Right now, it’s hard to tell if the lack of bad news is because God has started answering the prayers poured into our country, or if the suffering is being silenced, and people are getting used to a new, unhealthy, unsustainable normal.

Nonetheless, we see opportunities opening. Many who are not called for a time like this have been able to leave the country, and others are being fuelled with perseverance, hope and provision to stay and fight on their knees.  

Every day, even during tense situations, we are seeing compassionate and generous hearts. Many are seeking God more than ever before.

As 24-7 Prayer here, we are facing challenges in figuring out how to support the local church and communities at this moment in history. How do we tend to the lost sheep? How do we love our people well and point them to Jesus? Join us as we pray for discernment and for Spirit-inspired ideas.

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Christelle Hayek
Christelle Hayek