24-7 Prayer Rooms

Want to ignite your community in prayer-fuelled, mission and justice? It all starts in the presence of God.

Any space can be turned into a place where your community can seek God every hour of the day and night. In Churches, schools, homes, prisons, campuses, tents, workplaces, shops, festivals and more, people have experienced the presence of God.

24-7 Prayer Rooms help communities learn to pray, but their impact rarely stays in the prayer room. As God speaks, many are propelled out to become an answer to prayer for others.  

In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we've created a guide to running a virtual 24-7 Prayer Room

“Stepping into 24-7 is like crossing through the wardrobe into Narnia. A mundane pub on an English high street, has become an entry way into Kingdom adventure.” Jason, Church Leader, London

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We can equip you to run a prayer room where you are. Just choose a week, a place (virtual or physical) and a focus, then register to get access to a free resource and the experience of our team.

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