Pray for Climate Justice: COP26

The United Nations Global Climate Change Conference (AKA COP26) is being hosted in Glasgow from the 31st of October to the 12th of November 2021.

As the world’s attention focuses on Climate issues, we are taking this opportunity to invite you, the Church, to join us in prayer and action.


Before COP26 churches can:

1. Pray as a community, using the following guides: 

  • COP26 Prayer Guide: Download this free 8-week guide, produced in partnership with Tearfund and Renew Our World, that helps you and your community to pray in the lead up to the conference, with weekly prayer points, creative prayer ideas and practical information to help you get informed.
Download Now
  • How to Pray For Climate Justice: We’ve also partnered with Tearfund and Renew our World to produce a free PDF to help you and your community to pray for the climate. Inside there are sections including: practical 24-7 Prayer Room activities, Personal prayer ideas, Group Prayer Ideas and How to Take Action.
Download Now

2. Plan a care for the planet themed 24-7 Prayer Room.

Register your prayer room and download our free climate justice prayer station guide to help you create, inspiring spaces of prayer. 

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3. Host a climate change themed Prayer Space in a local School

  • (Download the guide here)

During COP26 churches can encourage their members to:

1. Sign up to our COP26 GLOBAL PRAYER ROOM as we cover the whole of COP26 in non-stop prayer.

2. Pray each day through Lectio 365 Climate Justice Week, with Dr Ruth Valerio on Lectio 365 Morning Prayers.

3. Join Pete Greig, Carol Ng'ang'a, and Celtic Worship in a powerful climate-themed church service on Sunday 7 November, hosted by Tearfund.

Your church can get involved by sharing a pre-recorded video, or by joining the livestream. The video content will be available in different segments, so your church can choose how to integrate it into your service. 

This resource will be available for download in the autumn, but you can register your interest now: 

Register Your Interest

GET INVOLVED: Follow @24-7PrayerGB on social media to keep up to date with COP26 blog posts, activities and resources.