BACK TO SCHOOL PRAYER 2021 - 27 Aug 2021

This summer we are inviting churches and people of faith across Great Britain to #LOVEYOURSCHOOL. As a church and people of God we are called to lead the way, taking front foot faith.

Download our back to school prayer and pray at Church, in your small group or at home. Share it with friends and family and get others involved praying too! 


Father, we pray for everyone going to school this autumn. ⠀

We ask for all those working in schools preparing new arrangements for everyone to stay healthy.⠀

May they know your wisdom as they make plans to welcome students back.⠀

We ask for every family anticipating the new school year. ⠀

May they know your peace and protection in uncertain times. ⠀

We ask for little ones, for whom the adventure is just beginning. ⠀

May they be fearless as they take their first steps into a new world. ⠀

We ask for the keen ones, returning eager to study. ⠀

May they discover new challenges to stretch them to be the best they can be. ⠀

We ask for the reluctant ones, the non-academic ones, the struggling-to-learn ones, and the do-I-really-have-to-go-to-school ones. ⠀

May they experience your kindness, and may this year be better than ever before. ⠀

We ask for those moving schools, moving away, moving on, moving up. ⠀

May they settle in quickly and may all be well. ⠀

We ask for those facing challenging exams this year, whether at school or college. ⠀

May they work hard and do their very best, and may anxiety and stress not impede them. ⠀

We ask for young adults just beginning university, especially those moving away from home for the first time. ⠀

May they grow up well, may they study well, and may they walk always with joyful purpose in the grace and favour of God. ⠀

Finally, we ask for teachers. ⠀

May they embrace this new academic year with energy and enthusiasm. May their subjects come alive in their classrooms, and may their students enjoy great success. ⠀


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