Transforming Lives: The Power of Taking Front Foot Faith, Prayer Walking for Schools - 30 Jun 2021

This amazing prayer walking story, comes from a Prayer Spaces in Schools team in Colchester who discovered the very real and motivating power of taking front foot faith, covering their local schools in prayer. 

At the beginning of the year we ran a ‘week of prayer for schools’ by sending out a daily prayer news email to our supporters, each day focussing on a different aspect of the life of schools and colleges and the people who serve in them. 

We planned for six short walks across Colchester, covering between 6 and 8 schools including; primary, secondary, and our Further Education colleges. We promoted this to local churches and our supporters, asking people to sign up so we knew we could comply with the covid restrictions in place.

Although the end of May weather was unseasonably cold and damp, on each occasion between 6 and 8 people turned out, and on the Saturday we loved seeing 15 people and 2 friendly dogs. 

There is something very real and very motivating about standing outside a school to pray for the pupils and staff, for blessing and that God would, 'open wide the gates, that the King of Glory may come in.' (Ps 24).

 We prayed for 23 primary schools, 12 secondary schools and 2 further education colleges.

We had such an encouraging time of prayer, here are some of the most impactful moments for us: 

  • Hearing story after story of primary schools making huge efforts over the past year to support vulnerable families in their community.
  • The children who asked what we were doing. On one occasion when we said we were asking God to make good things happen for the school, one child asked if we could pray for their house (so we did), another asked if we’d pray for him and his family too.
  • Praying for the one remaining secondary school in Colchester that doesn’t yet have a chaplain.
  • Thankfulness for the amazing number of schools where God has placed someone in a key role as a 'person of peace' who welcomes people from the church or organisations like CYO.

I am convinced that God has heard all of our prayers and is even now making his plans to answer them in ways that are greater than we could ask or imagine (Eph 3:20).

I am even more convinced that we must keep on praying. God has made a way for His church in so many of our schools and the two FE colleges. We keep praying for more of the church to be able to be an even greater blessing to more children and young people in even more of our schools.

Our biggest prayer is that the work of the Kingdom, as represented by the care, service, and support of people from local churches, will be welcomed into all of our schools so that children and young people and staff get a glimpse of the risen Christ in the people they meet.

We know from experience that connections made in schools can flow out into a new connection for an individual with a church.

Inspired by this story?

We invite you and your church to support your local schools. If you'd like to get involved you can find out more on the Prayer Spaces in Schools website.

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If you are looking to support your local school or run a prayer space in a school, these interactive zoom sessions are designed to help equip you, and give you the chance to speak to others. 

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