The transformative power of learning to listen to God in prayer - 26 May 2021

This incredible story of prayer walking, from South Beach Baptist Church, is such an encouragement in the transformative power of learning to listen to God in prayer!

The vision before lockdown was to pray once a month, outside the church walls. Being specific, committing to regular prayer, prayer walking and responding to situations and known community needs.

As a church we felt a need to extend to praying for the local community on a regular basis, in our community high child poverty, unemployment, and addiction issues are challenges we face, and we wanted to cover them in prayer.

Our aim was and is simple - to pray blessing on our community.

“Pray for Your Street” was launched out of a prayer breakfast through an initiative to build in prayer events every couple of months, growing and developing the faith and prayer life of the church. 

We people were encouraged to "adopt" their street; praying on a regular basis for their neighbours, delivering locally, and engaging with people.

Through doing this we have grown as a people in listening to the Holy Spirit; finding that as we seek God and listen to His voice, being obedient to the spirit, we see change.

It was amazing to see one member feeling the call to go back again to pray over a new housing development, almost the next day someone desperately in need of a home was allocated a property there! 

We prayed for an event which had the potential for unrest, and it passed peacefully.

We’ve also seen amazing favour over our town through our prayers seeing new businesses open in our main shopping area (amongst the closures) and government funding coming in to support ambitious projects that will generate jobs and income.

We believe our prayers are powerful and make a difference - we are enjoying the journey! 

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