Lockdown - One Year On: Daily Prayer For The Nation - 23 Mar 2021

Pause. Pray. Reflect.

24-7 Prayer GB is inviting you to pause, pray and reflect at 6pm each evening this week, as we mark a year since the start of the first lockdown in Great Britain and the escalation of the covid-19 pandemic in our nation.

Get involved in 3 simple ways:

1. Pause:

Follow us on our social media, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook for daily prayer reflections and reminders to pause at 6pm.

2. Pray:

We have collated six prayers for reflection and remembrance to help you and your congregations pray for the nation through this week. Pause, pray and add your own reflective prayer.

  • Join 24-7 Prayer GB National Director Carla Harding on Facebook Live;

for a time of community prayer. We will be praying as a community for; those grieving, mental health in our nation, the economy, the government, the NHS and other frontline workers, community and loved ones, and the church.


24-7 Prayer GB Facebook 


Tuesday 23rd March at 6 pm


Lead by 24-7 Prayer GB National Director Carla Harding

Don’t miss it:

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3. Reflect:

We encourage you to write your own reflective prayers, and join in with the national times of reflection happening on the 23rd March 2021 at 12pm and 8pm.