God on Mute: A Lectio 365 Series - 10 Feb 2021

Processing pain through Lent

Join us on our Lectio 365 app from the 17th February, as we prepare for Easter and wrestle with the difficult subject of unanswered prayer.

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The season of Lent feels particularly relevant this year. Millions of people, around the globe, are struggling with the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are grieving the loss of community, financial stability or even the loss of a loved one.

How do we invite God into our pain and disappointment?

In the coming six weeks on Lectio 365, we’ll meditate on what the Bible says about suffering, and particularly on Jesus’ experience of pain and unanswered prayer.

We’re also drawing wisdom from the book God on Mute; the story of how Pete and Sammy Greig walked with God through chronic illness and wrestled with disappointment.

Together, we’ll bring God our questions and experiences, and prepare ourselves to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, celebrating the new life and hope it brings.

Our God on Mute series (like all Lectio 365 content) has a simple, 4-part structure that follows the acronym, P.R.A.Y:

Pausing to be still.
Rejoicing with a Psalm and Reflecting on a Scripture.
Asking God to help us and others
Yielding to His will in our lives, come what may

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