#PrayHope For Your Neighbourhood - 10 Dec 2020

Advent is a season of hope, so this week we invite you to #PrayHope for your neighbourhood.  

Add your 'Amen' as we share a prayer of hope for neighbourhoods, across Great Britain, this Advent. 

Join Us: Pray: 

Thank you, God, that you are the God of hope. Thank you that your word promises that those who put their hope in you will renew their strength, and not grow weary. We thank you that we can trust your promises, because you are faithful. 

God of perfect peace, we pray for our hospitals & care homes this advent.  

Would you provide comfort to those who are sick, would you give strength to those who are serving, and instil supernatural wisdom in those who are providing healthcare. 

God of hope, we pray the Church would take her place this advent.  

Would our nation be alight with love through the message of your church this Christmas. Unite your people in unity, as we look to serve the poor and broken-hearted. 

God of abundant generosity, provide for those who are hungry.  

Would foodbanks be filled with resources, serving those in need in these cold dark days. May your heart of warm abundant generosity, shine out through the work they do this Christmas, God. 

God of gentleness, we pray students & teachers would know your love & rest this Advent. 

We pray your blessing over the end of term as it looks different this year. Would you provide them peace, and supernatural rest, and protect them from illness over the Christmas break.  

Finally, we pray; Lord God almighty, help us to truly see our neighbours.  

Would you open our eyes to the need on our doorsteps. Anoint each of us to be people who bring joy where there is despair, peace where there is stress and worry, and hope where there is hopelessness. 

In Jesus Name ‘Amen’.