The Stand: Join in and #PrayHope in your Community - 8 Dec 2020

Advent is a season of hope, so this week we invite you to #PrayHope for your Neighbourhood. Read and be inspired by one church's incredible story of praying for their student neighbours...  

Last month a prayerful group from G2 Church in York, turned their daily exercise into a prayer of hope for local students. 

"Instead of praying as we would classically do in a 24-7 Prayer Room, we took the decision to take our time of prayer outside. It has been transformative", says Luke Smith. “Rather than having the attitude of ‘oh my goodness its lockdown therefore I can't do anything at all’, we had the attitude of ‘Holy Spirit you are so creative, you see things differently, how can we do things differently?’” 
With this attitude, empowered by the Holy Spirit and ignited by an image Luke had of standing in the armour of God, the Church began a 24-7 prayer chain, passing the baton from one to another and prayer walking in circles near their local University Campus day and night.

In a 3am slot one of the students turned that circle into a heart, which others began to walk, pressing into the grass a huge image of God’s heart for students. 

But it wasn’t just the grass that was filled with Gods heart, people felt God's presence and were fired up in faith: 

“What I love about 24-7 Prayer is it ignites people in their faith," continues Luke.  "What is so exciting, is seeing the life of the Church come into flame. We had a Whatsapp group for anyone who booked a slot, and it was buzzing! The group was pinging away with prophetic words, words of what God was saying to students, and prophetic pictures.” 

#PrayHope where you live

If you’ve been inspired by this story, why not #MakeYourMark and prayer walk your neighbourhood. Grab a piece of chalk to turn your daily exercise into an opportunity for prayer. Write words of hope or draw your prayers on pavements and walls and share them with us on social media with the hashtags: #MakeYourMark and #PrayHope. 

Start Your Own Initiative: 

Ask the Holy Spirit how you can get creative in sharing hope in your neighbourhood this Advent. You could:

  • Hand out gifts of hope.
  • Try 'House Blessings,' walking past people’s homes and praying blessing over them. 
  • Try prayer walking in a new way.

If you're particularly moved to pray for campuses Luke is Team Leader of the Fusion Movement and we’d love you to connect with them, over on their website, to find out more: Fusion (