Go Deeper in Prayer For England: Lockdown 2.0 - 19 Nov 2020

This week we invite you to #MakeYourMark and prayer walk your neighbourhood, as we go deeper in #PrayerForTheNation. Leave a message of hope on the streets, and share it with us @247prayerGB on social media.

'Today I turned my daily lockdown exercise into a #PrayerForTheNation,' writes Carla Harding, 

'Instead of stepping out my door with my headphones clamped over my ears, and my mind full of the to-do list I’d stepped away from, this lunchtime I walked my neighbourhood with my eyes open and my ears attentive. I noticed the homes I passed, the people I’m surrounded by and with a little chalk I began to write and draw on pavements as I prayed for my neighbours and my nation. At first it felt awkward, kneeling down on pavements scribbling words of hope, a Bible verse; would someone recognise me? (Am I about to outed as the local Jesus nutter?) But as I became more absorbed in conversation with God each stroke of chalk became a prayer.'

Why don’t you join in?

#MakeYourMark and prayer walk your neighbourhood. Grab a piece of chalk to turn your daily exercise into an opportunity for prayer. Walk your area and pray for your community. Write words of hope and prayers for your area on pavements and walls and share them with us on social media with the hashtags: #MakeYourMark and #PrayerForTheNation.

Note: When you go on your #makeyourmark prayer walk please make sure, no matter how enthusiastic you are, to keep off private property. Consult your local COVID-19 restrictions for guidance on exercise. We can't wait to see your pictures!


24-7 Prayer is joining with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, to invite you to pray daily for England during lockdown 2.0. 

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