Holy Hope: Reflections on the Prayer Spaces in Schools Conference - 14 Oct 2020

The Prayer Spaces in Schools team hosted their first online Schools Work Conference on 5th October, in partnership with Youthscape. The title of the day was ‘New Hope’, and the aim was to equip and encourage schools workers as we navigate towards a better future for schools together.

“I have plans for you,” said the Lord to Jeremiah, “plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

With over 1500 sign ups, and now over 6000 views on the YouTube stream, people tuned in from all across the nations to hear some inspiring keynotes and seminars around diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellbeing, chaplaincy and so much more.

It was great to have 150 people attend Prayer Spaces in Schools Director Phil’s seminar, which focused on sharing ideas and knowledge on how to run Covid-safe prayer spaces in schools over the coming term. For more ideas, check out the webpage.

In one the seminars, we interviewed two Head teachers (one primary, one secondary) about the challenges and the unique opportunities that schools are facing this term as they adapt to the 'new normal'. It was exciting to hear afterwards that these Head teachers have now started a monthly online prayer time for other Head teachers to intercede on behalf of their schools.

There was an overwhelmingly kind response to the day on social media, and the YouTube chat, with comments like:

“What a privilege, the vision of shining Holy Hope in our communities of young people. Amazing conference today. Thank You”

In the final talk of the day, Youthscape’s Rachel Gardener shared an inspiring message. “The promise in Jeremiah 29:11,” she said,

“is not that God will make everything [bad] go away, it is that even in the midst of uncertainty, that His people will flourish and thrive”.

We pray that this day has supported those who attended to flourish and thrive in the midst of uncertain times, and to move towards the future with a ‘New Hope’.

To watch the live streamed part of the conference, click here. Other seminars will be released early next week - sign up to our newsletter and get in contact if you wish to access those.

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