London to Ibiza (Pt1/2) - 11 Mar 2019

"I was in my last year at university and I had just connected back with God." Writes Lu, "My friend said these words to me, little did I know they would change my life:

‘You love clubbing, and you now love Jesus. You should go to Ibiza with 24-7 Prayer!’

The following year I was getting ready to go out on team, not quite anticipating the impact this one visit would have on the rest of my life.
Nine years later and the burden for Ibiza is still so real. I keep going back because each year there is a new layer to be discovered. Our God is one who is continually moving us from glory to glory and beckoning us to come in deeper. Every year there are new 24-7 Prayer volunteers heading out there for the summer, but then there are the people who go out to serve year on year. My heart is for connecting with these few and journeying with them. From doing life during the summer season in Ibiza, to meeting up back in London, visiting them when in Australia or checking in whilst passing through Dubai.  Some of these friendships are the most precious I have, and it is so exciting to see God sweep in with His gentle love and kindness; bringing transformation in His own way to individual’s lives.
Having gone to the island as a fairly new Christian, never praying out loud before, it’s been awesome to experience how God has really used this place as a training ground for teaching me how to pray over the years; the power of community, the importance of discipleship, and letting my life be fuelled by the passion for evangelism.
24-7 Prayer Ibiza has taught me a way of living, a culture in which to do life by. To take that time to slow down and notice the person in front of me, to really notice them. To take in all that God puts before me that day and to respond. God’s love doesn’t often look like the version of the world’s love. It’s deeper, more radical, totally unexplainable and often unpredictable. God’s love is so wild and so free just like Him. And this beloved island has helped me to understand so much more of His love for me and for others."

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