Life in Lockdown: A Profound Prayer Experience - 15 Jul 2020

The last 4 months have been full of difficult days for people across Great Britain with the development of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. We have faced loss, alongside isolation and uncertainty. 


But we have a call to pray, in Matthew 9:35 we are told:  

“When Jesus looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. “What a huge harvest!” he said to his disciples. “How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!”” 

The church has responded to this call; with a huge and encouraging rise in virtual prayer rooms across the nation. Between January and July 950 Prayer Rooms have signed up in our nation to pray.  

Here are some amazing stories from your virtual prayer rooms across Great Britain over the last couple of months:  

A Profound Prayer Experience - Falmouth 

“Someone wept all the way through their slot, one married couple prayed together for the first time and were so excited that they have continued, another older couple found the experience profound and are committed to a regular time each week. Another family with 2 youngsters were enabled to engage for the whole time. God is good!” 


Seeing GOD  intervene - Bristol 

“I had a very different time of prayer than I had planned, a situation arose at home and I did not know what I could do , so most of my prayer time was about the situation and by 18.55 the problem was resolved without any intervention from me, just God!” 


Raising the Profile of Prayer - Market Harborough 

“There were 123 different individuals who signed up, from different denominations across Market Harborough, and 17 groups or services. 

It really feels as though we have raised the profile of prayer and that something has shifted. We keep watching and praying.” 


Greater Hunger for Prayer - Scunthorpe 

“We have seen more than 50 different households commit to praying in blocks of time to cover 19 consecutive days in prayer, which was a real challenge for a church of our size.  

The legacy appears to be an even greater hunger for prayer, so we are now looking at practical ways we can keep it going and press on into greater things.” 


We encourage you to keep praying for our nation as we continue our journey out of lockdown. Join us as we pray for “Harvest Hands” partnering with God in sharing the Gospel across Great Britain. We would love you to send us your prayer room stories or enquiries at  

If you would like to register a Prayer Room you can do that here.  

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