Ibiza to London (Pt 2/2) - 18 Mar 2019

"When not in Ibiza I can be found in London working for the charity Third Space Ministries, as well as for my local church." Writes Lu, "Taking what I had learnt through being on team in Ibiza, I wanted to see how I could incorporate this into life here in London.
Last January we opened a House of Prayer at my church, and in this month alone we spent almost 1000 hours in prayer, with over 100 people booking in for either their own slot or joining one of the corporate times. Throughout the year people have continued to pilgrimage to this secret place. It has become a place of refuge, a place to dare to express creatively like one never had before. It gave permission to carve out that uninterrupted time in a city that can often be so hectic. And most importantly it drew people into an intimate place with their Father.
As well as hours spent escaped in the House of Prayer, I can also be found prayer walking the streets of Soho most Friday afternoons.
It’s been so cool to see how God has opened me up to a whole new way of encountering Him and His Kingdom on these streets. Almost 3 years of prayer walking later and we are 6 months into launching our Strip Club ministry there, connecting with a few of the local strip clubs and visiting three of them regularly to offer pastoral, emotional, spiritual and physical support. Only this week, one of the dancers introduced me to one of her regular customers. “These are my Christian friends, they’re not strippers, they come in and pray for us!” Every time we see this girl, she’s quick to ask us if we can pray, and she’s even started praying for us now too.
Ibiza taught me how to pray. It taught me how to love. It taught me the importance of discipleship, journeying with people, the power of presence, pressing in and sowing those tiny seeds. But I love that we don’t have to go away on mission to be able to live an intentional life of love.
And how awesome that we can encounter Jesus just as intimately in an intentional prayer space, as we can in a strip club or out on the streets of Ibiza!"

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