Ideas for Praying Alone or With Family During Lockdown

During this season of lockdown, fix your eyes on Jesus. Press into hope. Try a new rhythm of personal prayer alone or with your family.



End your day with God: Pray the Examen

Slow and center your mind: Try Breath Prayer

Invite God into your anxiety: Practice the Presence of God

Press into faith: Pray the Promises of God

Express your emotions to God: How to Pray the Psalms

Bring God into the Centre of your emotions: Try Journaling



Pray Love Over Your Fears: Love > Fear

Pray for Healthcare Workers: Help the Helpers

Focus on God: Be Still

Invite God Into Your Worries: Hope Rope

Ask God Your BIG Questions: Big Questions

Face Your Challenges With God: Climbing Shoes


Go Deeper: Try our Toolshed or Prayer Spaces at Home prayer resources.