Five steps to a 24-7 Prayer Room


Wondering how to begin mobilising non-stop prayer in your community? Follow these 5 easy steps to get stuck in:

1. Gather a group

Find others to pray with – your church community, local Christian friends, student group, mission team, work colleagues or whoever God has placed around you.

The strength of community - people committing to God together – is the most important thing when starting a 24-7 Prayer adventure. Gather your group, share your vision, and get started.  

2. Pick a time

Choose how long you want to pray for and when – is there a specific period of time, or a significant opportunity for your community? When feels like a reasonable time to pray?

 Many people decide to begin with a week of non-stop prayer, but choose whatever feels most appropriate to your group. Give everyone lots of notice, and prepare to pray. Register your 24-7 Prayer room so that we can support you along the way too!

3. Find a place

Find somewhere accessible 24 hours a day that can fit however many people you think will pray at once.

We’ve heard of people praying in churches, tents, caravans, trucks, shops, basements – so don’t feel limited! Find a place that works for your community or friendship group.

4. Think creatively

24-7 Prayer rooms provide a space for people to connect with God in different ways, so think outside of the box! Include materials for people to paint and draw their prayers; activities to inspire and encourage; suggested things to pray for.

The aim is to engage the whole heart and mind in connecting with God. Be inspired with our “Encouraging Creative Prayer” page, and check out our Pinterest board of creative ideas.

5. Get Praying!

Break your time of 24-7 Prayer into one-hour slots, and ask people to sign up – you will receive an online tool or sign-up sheet template after registering your prayer room.

For more inspiration to encourage people to get involved, check out our “Motivating people to Pray” page.

Need more help?

Check out our Prayer room FAQs for solutions to the most common prayer room questions.

And don’t forget to register your prayer room – we’ll provide free resources and personal support as you and your community pray!

“Every prayer room I’ve attended has only ever fuelled my heart for a deeper encounter with God and renewed a hope that greater things are yet to come.”

Tim Hughes, Worship Central