Dirty Glory

"Astounding stories of answered prayer from the frontiers of contemporary faith..."

Dirty Glory is the next chapter of the 24-7 Prayer story. Following the adventures of Red Moon Rising, Pete Greig reveals the challenges and triumphs across 15 years of 24-7 Prayer, Mission and Justice.

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Dirty Glory unfolds stories of transformation – from a walled city of prostitution in Mexico to the nightclubs of Ibiza, and invites people to experience the presence of God through prayer

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Divided into five sections: presence, prayer, mission, justice and joy, Dirty Glory weaves stories from across the globe together to show how the Holy Spirit works and moves across nations.

Dirty Glory will ignite fresh passion in your soul, inspiring you to pray and equipping you to convey God’s glory in a dirty world.

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"A powerful, personal and honest story about life's most important adventure - from the heart and hand of a prayer warrior whom I love and admire..." 

- Bear Grylls

“The kind of book that ignites the spirit and amazes the mind.

— Danielle Strickland

“Before I was even through the introduction I could feel my heart coming alive.

— Banning Liebscher - Jesus Culture


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