Coronavirus: How to Respond

Resources, prayers and more to help you and your community pray in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Join a global prayer initiative and stop to pray, twice a day, one voice, in unison with millions of people around the world.  

Virtual Prayer Room

Sign up to pray for an hour of prayer alongside others all over the world. 

60 Minute Prayer Guide

A downloadable PDF for you to use as an individual or as a household. (Available in multiple languages) 

Family-friendly Prayer Guide

Prayer Spaces in Schools have created a family-friendly guide for praying for the coronavirus at home.  

A Prayer by Pete Greig

Downloadable prayer as a PDF and slides for prayer in the midst of the Pandemic. Available in multiple languages. 

Run Your Own Virtual Prayer Room

We've put together some tips for hosting a virtual time of 24-7 Prayer with your community. 

Free downloadable prayer activities for families to do at home together - hosted by our Prayer Spaces in Schools team 

Lectio 365: Coronavirus Devotionals

Usually only available through the app, we've created a one-off PDF focused on praying through the Pandemic. 

Community Prayer Resources

Prayer guides produced by our 24-7 Prayer Communities. 


If you've found these resources helpful and could give something to help 24-7 Prayer in our work, you can donate here 

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