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Troy Gardens MC

Madison, Wisconsin
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Troy Gardens MC

Meet the community

We are a small family of families drawn first to Jesus and then to one another in Madison, WI, USA. Our fledgling community is rooted in the north side of Madison. We primarily meet in a home in Troy Gardens (surrounded by 26 acres of stewarded green space; enjoying creation and its beauty and bounty). Our community rhythms are fluid as we seek to discern how the Lord is leading us together in season. We have been known to eat, pray, praise, study and take time to know one another and grow together at the speed of love and authenticity.

Our Story

Presently we are 5 committed households coming together in a fragile and beautiful way. We didn’t set out to ‘plant a church’. We’ve experimented and stumbled along through the years. Around a decade ago we sensed the Lord saying,”Stop organising religion, you can’t legislate righteousness”. The truth hurts sometimes, but it sets us free.

Of the 5 current households, one came to our door asking for mentorship and since moved into the neighbourhood. Another family had a dream that led them our way. God brought another couple to link up when relocating to Madison. Our goal is simply to keep listening to Jesus as Head of His body and joyfully submit to His leadership (discerned together via His Word & Spirit and with leaders He has given to us). We think Jesus has a sweet mission to join in.