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Margate, UK
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Global Generation Church

Meet the Community

Glo is church to four locations, Thanet, Ashford, Torbay and Online. All sharing the same vision and ambition for people, living the same values of Worship, Community & Generosity and part of a global church family of24-7 Prayer. Our Vision is to be a family of passionate believers who love Jesus, love each other, and love the community that we live in. To be a people that encounter Gods Presence, Promise and Purpose for our lives and share it with the world around us. A family of believers that express the kingdom of God in every area of our lives. To be an honest, caring, genuine and authentic Acts 2 community who do life together sharing in the good news that Jesus saves and transforms lives. Serving God by serving others, coming together, sharing together and doing life together under one banner–that Jesus saves, and Jesus transforms communities.

Our Story

Our story began in 2002 planting Glo out of Jubilee Church. Started with an idea to be an evolving church culture that could evolve with the changing society we live in. With the help of our extended church family– NewGeneration Church / PioneerNetwork, Glo became a team led church with a clear vision to invest into our local community and celebrate the place god had planted us in.